RAJASTHAN Top 50 Important GK Questions Answers

RAJASTHAN Top 50 Important GK Questions Answers

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Hello friends, Here, in this post, are the selective Rajasthan GK Questions Answers in English for upcoming competitive examinations i.e. RPSC, RSMSSB Tax Assistant, Rajasthan Patwari, Rajasthan Vidyut Vibhag & other Rajasthan State-level exam. As we all know that Rajasthan GK Questions in English are very important and generally have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in exams.

RAJASTHAN Top 50 Important GK Questions Answers

No.-1.  Rajasthan is located at which region of India?

Answer: North western region of India.

No.-2.  Rajasthan cover how much geographical area of India?

Answer: 10.4%.

No.-3.  Rajasthan stand on which place according to largest by population in India?

Answer: Seventh Place.

No.-4. Jodhpur is also known as which name?

Answer: “Blue City” and “Sun City”.

No.-5. According the the Area what is the rank of Rajasthan in India?

Answer: 1st with 132,139 sq miles total area.

No.-6. Hemu (also known as ‘Hemchandra Vikramaditya’) was a Hindu Emperor in India. In Rajasthan where he was born?

Answer: Alwar District in 1501.

No.-7. Rajasthan State was formed on which date?

Answer: 30 March 1949 and state capital is Jaipur.

No.-8.  Maharana Pratap was great Rajput king of Mewar. Name the younger brothers of Maharana Pratap?

Answer: Shakti Singh, Vikram Singh and Jagmal Singh.

No.-9. Hawa Mahal located in Jaipur, India. Who constructed the Hawa Mahal in 1799?

Answer: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.

No.-10. Hawa Mahal was designed by whom?

Answer: Lal Chand Ustad.

No.-11. Keoladeo National Park located at Bharatpur, Rajasthan. What was the previous name of this park?

Answer: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

RAJASTHAN Top  Important GK Questions Answers

No.-12. What is the official language of Pali district in Rajasthan?

Answer: Marwari and Hindi.

No.-13.  In the Ancient India, Rajasthan was the part of which Civilization?

Answer: Vedic Civilization and Indus Valley Civilization.

No.-14. ‘Gurmukh Nihal Singh’ became the Governor of Rajashtan on which date?

Answer: 1 November 1956.

No.-15. Mehrangarh also known as ‘Mehran Fort’ is located at where?

Answer: Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

No.-16. In which year the ‘Mehran Fort’ was build?

Answer: Around 1460 by Rao Jodha.

No.-17. According to 2017-18 reports what was the GDP of Rajasthan?

Answer: US$120 billion.

No.-18. What is the population of Rajasthan according to 2011 census?

Answer: 68,548,437.

No.-19. What is the state bird of Rajasthan?

Answer: Great Indian bustard.

No.-20.  What is the state Animal of Rajasthan?

Answer: Dromedary Camel.

No.-21.  What is the state flower of Rajasthan?

Answer: Rohira.

RAJASTHAN Top  GK Questions Answers

No.- 22.  Aravalli Range is formed after separation of which two Plates?

Answer: Indian Plate separated from the Eurasian Plate.

No.-23.  What is the ancient name of ‘Mount Abu’?

Answer: Arbudaanchal.

No.-24.  Dilwara Temples are located at Sirohi, Rajasthan? When these Temples were built?

Answer: Between 11th-13th centuries AD.

No.-25.  ‘Allah Jilai Bai’ who was the Singer in the Durbar of Maharaja Ganga Singh, when she was born?

Answer: 1 February 1902.

No.-26. Chittor Fort at Chittorgarh was built by whom?

Answer: Chitranga Maurya.

No.-27.  On which date the Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in Nakki Lake?

Answer: 12 February 1948.

No.-28.  Desert National Park located in Jaisalmer and Barmer districts of Rajasthan. When this park was established?

Answer: In 1981.

No.-29.  Ranthambore National Park established in 1955 by whom?

Answer: Government of India.

No.-30.  Sanganer town situated in Jaipur district. It is famous pilgrimage town for the …….. community?

Answer: Jain.

No.-31.  ‘Umaid Bhawan Palace’ which is located in Jodhpur. When the construction work of Place was completed?

Answer: 1943 (construction started in 1928).

RAJASTHAN Top 50 Important GK Questions 

No.-32.  Who is known for constructing the ‘Jal Mahal’?

Answer: Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

No.-33.  Lake Pichola is an artificial fresh water lake. When this lake was established?

Answer: In 1362 AD.

No.-34.  International clay pigeon and skeet champion ‘Maharaja Karni Singh ji’ was also known as which name?

Answer: Dr Karni Singh.

No. -35 ‘Bundi’ is the town also known as which name?

Answer: “Chhoti Kashi”.

No.-36.  Jaisalmer Fort was built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 CE. In 1530 – 1551 CE, the fort was attacked by whom?

Answer: Afghan chief Amir Ali.

No.-37. According to the Economy of Rajasthan what is the GDP Rank of Rajasthan?

Answer: 7th.

No.-38.  According to the 2015 reports what is the total percentage of services sector in GDP of Rajasthan?

Answer: 50%.

No.-39.  As per daily scheduled flight operations, Jaipur Airport is ranked ……. busiest airport in India?

Answer: 11th.

No.-40.  Who was the chief minister of Rajasthan in 22 June 1977 to 16 February 1980?

Answer: ‘Bhairon Singh Shekhawat’.

RAJASTHAN Top  Important GK 

No.-41.  Easternmost region of Rajasthan is connected with which states?

Answer: Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

No.-42. What is the total length of the ‘Aravalli Range’?

Answer: 692 km or 430 miles.

No.-43. ‘Kirti Stambha’ situated at Chittorgarh fort have height of?

Answer: 22 metre (built in 1179-1191).

No.-44. ‘Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth’ was established in which year?

Answer: 1937.

No.-45.  ‘Nakki Lake’ located at Mount Abu in Aravalli range. What is the maximum depth of this lake?

Answer: 114 ft or 35 metre.

No.-46. ‘Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation’ was incorporated on which date?

Answer: On 28 March 1969.

No.-47.  For what the ‘Ranthambhore wildlife sanctuary’ is popular?

Answer: Bengal tigers.

No.-48.  ‘Sariska Tiger Reserve’ located in the Alwar district was established on which date?

Answer: 1955.

No.-49.  How many Tigers are living in ‘Sariska Tiger Reserve’ as of October, 2018?

Answer: 18 Tigers.

No.-50. In 2018 what is the rank of ‘Indian Institute of Management, IIM Udaipur’ according to the NIRF management school ranking?

Answer: 13th.

No.-51.  Bharatpur is a city located in which Indian state?

Answer: Rajasthan.

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