Punjab GK Questions Answers set

Punjab GK Questions Answers set

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Check out our set of GK  questions and answers on Punjab state. We have covered various prospectus of the state and it also include History, geography, culture, festivals, government and politics, economy, transport, demographics, education, sports, tourism and many others.

Punjab GK Questions Answers set

No.-1.  Which district has the largest forest area in “Punjab”?

Answer: Hoshiarpur.

No.-2.  Which district has the 2nd largest forest area in “Punjab”?

Answer: Rupnagar.

No.-3. Who was the first Chief Minister of Punjab from 15 August 1947 to 13 April 1949?

Answer: Gopi Chand Bhargava.

No.-4. Which state is also called as ‘Land of Five Rivers’ in India?

Answer: Punjab.

No.-5. Largest district according to area in “Punjab”?

Answer: Ludhiana.

No.-6. Which train runs from “India” to “Pakistan”?

Answer: “Samjhauta Express”.

No.-7. “Samjhauta Express” was started at which year?

Answer: 22 July 1976.

No.-8. When “Punjab” formed as a partial state of Indian Union?

Answer: 1 November 1966.

No.-9. Which state is bordered by “Punjab” from the North side?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir.

No.-10.  Golden Temple is also known as?

Answer: Sri Harmandir Sahib.

No.-11. In which year the Second Anglo-Sikh war was fought between British and Sikh Empire?

Answer: 1849.

Punjab GK Questions Answers 

No.-12. During British period “Punjab” province were partitioned in two region, they are?

Answer: “East Punjab” and “West Punjab”.

No.-13. Which is the Capital of two States in India?

Answer: Chandigarh.

No.-14. Which is the Smallest District according to area?

Answer: Kapurthala district (754,521 people as per 2001 census).

No.-15. How many “Lok Sabha” Seats are in “Punjab”?

Answer: 13.

No.-16. How many “International Airport” are there in “Punjab”?

Answer: Two (Amritsar International Airport and Chandigarh International Airport).

No.-17. Which one is the “Largest Railway Station in Punjab”?

Answer: Bhatinda Junction.

No.-18. Who introduced the “Khalsa” and when?

Answer: Khalsa was introduced by 10th Sikhguru Guru Govind Singh in 1699.

No.-19. In which year “Banda Singh Bahadur” died?

Answer: 9-June-1716.

No.-20. Agriculture is famous as ____ in ‘Punjab’?

Answer: Main Business.

No.-21. Who was the “First Governor of Punjab”?

Answer: Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi.

Punjab GK Questions 

No.-22. Which state is known as “India’s bread-basket”?

Answer: Punjab.

No.-23. What is Punjab’s “HDI” ranking in India?

Answer: 9th.

No.-24. What is the population density of “Punjab”?

Answer: 550/sq Km.

No.-25. Which city of “Punjab” has highest population density?

Answer: Ludhiana.

No.-26. Which city of “Punjab” has smallest population density?

Answer: Muktsar.

No.-27. What is the total literacy rate of “Punjab”?

Answer: 76.7%.

No.-28. How many district are there in “Punjab”?

Answer: 22.

No.-29. What is the total area of “Punjab”?

Answer: 50,362 Squares Kilometers.

No.-30. What is the total forest area percentage of “Punjab”?

Answer: 6.12%.

No.-31. ‘Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary’ is located at where in Punjab?

Answer: Patiala.

Punjab GK 

No.-32. What is the poverty rate of “Punjab”?

Answer: 8.26%.

No.-33. How many “Rajya Sabha” seats are in “Punjab”?

Answer: 7.

No.-34. How many “Vidhan Sabha” seats are there in “Punjab”?

Answer: 117.

No.-35. Who was the first “Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Shaba”?

Answer: Kapoor Singh.

No.-36. Who was the Fifth speaker of “Punjab Vidhan Shaba”?

Answer: Harbans Lal Gupta.

No.-37. Who was the second Chief Minister of Punjab from 13 April 1949 – 18 October 1949?

Answer: Bhim Sen Sachar.

No.-38. What is the power capacity of “Rajpura Thermal Power Plant”?

Answer: 1400 Megawatt.

No.-39. What is the full form of “PEPSU”?

Answer: Patiala and East Punjab States Union.

No.-40. How long the Sikh Empire reigned in India?

Answer: 1801-1849.

No.-41. “Gobindgarh Fort” is situated in which city of “Punjab”?

Answer: Amritsar.

Punjab GK Que. Answers set

No.-42. “Anandpur Sahib Fort” is Located in “Punjab”?

Answer: Rupnagar.

No.-43. What is “Kissa” in the Punjab?

Answer: A Punjabi language (A Oral story Telling Tradition).

No.-44. “Teeyan” is also called as?

Answer: “Teej” Festival.

No.-45. What is the power capacity of “Guru Govind Singh Super Thermal Plant” in Ropar?

Answer: 1260 Megawatt.

No.-46. What is the name of “State Bird of Punjab”?

Answer: Gushak (Baaz).

No.-47. What is the “State Animal of Punjab”?

Answer: Black Buck (Kala Hiran).

No.-48. What is the “State Tree of Punjab”?

Answer: Shesham (Tahli).

No.-49. How many “Zoological Parks” are there in Punjab?

Answer: Five (Mahindra Choudhary Zoological Park, Tiger Safari, Deer Park Bir Moti Bagh, Deer Park, Deer Park Bir Talab).

No.-50. How many “Municipal Corporations” are there in “Punjab”?

Answer: 10.

No.-51. ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ is a very historic place of India. This is located at where?

: Amritsar City of Punjab

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