Bihar GK Questions And Answers In English

Bihar GK Questions And Answers In English

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Bihar is one of the most ancient states of the country. The state is located in the eastern part of country. This is the 13th largest state of the country and also the 3rd larges state as far as population is concerned.  Students who are preparing for the jobs and admissions under various Commissions and Institutions in Bihar, must know about it. We are providing you with some most expected General Knowledge Questions regarding Bihar which can be expected in the upcoming exams.

Bihar GK Questions And Answers In English

No.- 1.  Bihar is bordered with which states?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh in west, Jharkhand in south, and West Bengal in east.

No.- 2.  What is the population of Bihar according to latest reports?

Answer: 103,804,637 in 2011.

No.- 3 . Who became first female Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar on 16 November 2020?

Answer: Renu Devi.

No.- 4.  For the first time ‘Nitish Kumar’ became Chief Minister of Bihar on which date?

Answer: On 3 March 2000.

No.- 5.  Who was the first chief minister of the Indian state of Bihar from 1946 to 1961?

Answer: Shri Krishna Sinha.

No.- 6.  According to area, Bihar is 13th-largest state of India. What is the total area of Bihar?

Answer: 94,163 km square.

No.- 7.  Nalanda University is located in which city of Bihar?

Answer: Rajgir City.

No.- 8.  What is the rank of Bihar according to population reports 2011?

Answer: 3rd.

No.- 9. Where is the ‘Vishnupad Mandir’ in Bihar?

Answer: Gaya.

No.- 10.  What was the first Hindi newspaper published in Bihar?

Answer: ‘Biharbandhu’.

Bihar GK Questions And Answers

No.- 11.  Ancient temple in Bihar ‘Mahabodhi Temple’ (is also UNESCO World Heritage Site) is situated at where?

Answer: Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.

No.- 12. The Indian Institute of Technology Patna was established in which year?

Answer: 2008.

No.- 13. When was Bihar College of Engineering renamed as ‘National Institute of Technology’?

Answer: On 28 January 2004 by Government of India.

No.- 14. ‘Women’s Institute of Technology’ (Affiliated with ‘Lalit Narayan Mithila University’) was established in 2005 at where?

Answer: Darbhanga, Bihar.

No.- 15. Battle of Buxar in Bihar was fought in which year?

Answer: 22 October 1764.

No.- 16. Hajipur is the largest city and headquarters of which district in Bihar?

Answer: Vaishali district.

No.- 17. ‘Vidyapati’ was a Maithili poet and a Sanskrit writer. When was Vidyapati born?

Answer: Year 1352 at Madhubani district of Mithila region.

No.- 18. ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan’ was an Indian musician born on which date?

Answer: 21 March 1916 at Buxar District, Bihar.

No.- 19. What was the main causes of 2008 Bihar flood (18 August 2008)?

Answer: Koshi embankment broken while in heavy monsoon rains.

No.- 20. What is the first official language of Bihar state?

Answer: Hindi (and Urdu is the second official language).

No.- (21) ‘Maurya Empire’ was founded by ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ in 322 BCE. What was the capital city of Empire?

Answer: Pataliputra.

No.- (22) ‘Rajgir’ is an ancient city located in which district of Bihar?

Answer: Nalanda district.

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